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MAE 5343 Advanced Aerospace Propulsion & Power

Gas Turbine Engine Component Design

This is the second course in an aerospace propulsion and power sequence.  It is an applications-, project-based course focused on detailed design of gas turbine engine components.  Topics include aerodynamic and structural design of major engine components including inlets, fans, compressors, combustors, turbines, mixers, afterburners, and nozzles.  Students are expected to demonstrate an understanding of the thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, and structural design analyses of the components for turbojet, high-bypass turbofan and mixed-flow turbofan engines.  Homework assignments involve complete component-level design of an engine cycle proposed by students in MAE 4243.  Students also work in teams to complete a research project, publishing results in a technical conference paper.

Upon successful completion of MAE 5010, students should have the ability to:

  • Apply control volume and fundamental aero-thermodynamic and structural analyses to the design of turbojet, high-bypass turbofan, and mixed-flow turbofan engines and their components. 
  • Demonstrate sound engineering analyses, including an ability to assess impact of assumptions, and reasonableness of solution. 

Pre-requisite:  MAE 4243 Aerospace Propulsion & Power

Course textbooks:

  •  Aircraft Engine Design (2nd Edition) by Jack D. Mattingly, William H. Heiser, and David T. Pratt.
  • Elements of Propulsion:  Gas Turbines and Rockets (2nd Edition) by Jack D. Mattingly and Keith M. Boyer.